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TinyOS (TinyProd) Debian Development Repository

Last update: 20151016, cire
(Changelog at end)

4 repositories are homed here that maybe useful to the TinyOS development community.

Wheezy is the main repository and provides packages built on Debian 7.5 (wheezy).

Wheezy contains the following packages for i386 and amd64:

† The *-legacy packages contains the old toolchains used by tinyos-2.1.1 (and older).
‡ This is only available for i386 and it is a temporary package based on the binary provided by Code Sourcery.

tinyos-tools-devel has been updated to use the new build system (version 3). It is not backward compatible with tinyos releases prior to 2.2.0.

If you are using the development trunk you must use tinyos-tools-devel (1.5.0). This includes the TinyProd mutation of TinyOS. TinyProd flavors track the development trunk of tinyos-main.

For the TinyOS 2.1.2 release, you should install tinyos-tools-14 (tinyos-tools). TinyOS releases prior to 2.1.2 are not supported.

tinyos-tools and tinyos-tools-14 are incompatible with tinyos-tools-devel. You can only have one of these packages installed. You must remove tinyos-tools (tinyos-tools-14) prior to installing tinyos-tools-devel and vice-versa.
  $ sudo
  $ apt-get purge tinyos-tools
  $ apt-get install tinyos-tools-devel

You may need to remove old *-tinyos packages. To do so, follow these instructions:

To use these packages, follow these instructions:

  1. Tell apt about the TinyProd Signing Key.
      $ wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -
          ... or ...
      $ gpg --keyserver --recv-keys A9B913B9
      $ gpg -a --export A9B913B9 | sudo apt-key add -
  2. Add the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/tinyprod-debian.list:
      deb wheezy main
      deb msp430-46 main
      $ sudo -s
      $ cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d
      $ echo "deb wheezy main" >> tinyprod-debian.list
      $ echo "deb msp430-46 main" >> tinyprod-debian.list
  3. Install the new packages:
      $ sudo apt-get update
      $ sudo apt-get install nesc tinyos-tools msp430-46 avr-tinyos

If you want to uninstall the packages you can do it like this:

  $ sudo apt-get autoremove --purge nesc tinyos-tools msp430-46 avr-tinyos


These repositories are signed with the following key:

  pub   2048R/A9B913B9 2014-05-09
        Key fingerprint = 481E 5089 F39D 2A53 F6BB  E071 DBCA 24B8 A9B9 13B9
  uid   TinyProd Signing Key ( 

-- Eric Decker ( (Oct 16, 2015)


  20151016, cire: reflect nesc-1.3.6 is in repository
                  nesc-1.3.6 has support for Mac OS X alignment (16 bit)
                  Xcode 5.1 needs -O2

                  clean up information about tinyos-tools and tinyos-tools-devel
  20140715, cire: add tinyos-tools-14, tinyos-tools-devel
                  create Wheezy compiled packages
                  make wheezy be the primary repository
  20140624, cire: remove 1.4.3, replace with 1.4.2 (from Stanford)
  20140612, cire: move signing key around
  20140527, cire: tweaks
                  nuke references to wheezy
  20140522, cire: update mspdebug to 0.22
                  update nesc to 1.3.5
                  update tinyos-tools to 1.4.3
                  change signing key to the TinyProd signing key
                  add wheezy references
  20120815, cire: update mspdebug to 0.20
  20120720, cire: bring arm-all back in.
  20120717, cire: typos in README.
  20120716, cire: rebuild tinyprod repository, squeeze, msp430-4{5-7}

  20120427, cire: add mspgcc 4.7.0 reference

  20120410, cire: mspdebug 0.19
	add msp430-46, mspgcc 4.6.3 experimental repository.

  20120319, cire: amd64 fixed. new msp430-gcc package that includes SF3500740 and
	SF3420924.  Add ReleaseNotes.txt

  20120305, cire:  resync'd with Razvan's debian repo to make sure AMD64 works
	properly.  It doesn't.   AMD64 is still back rev'd.

  20120107, cire: update msp430-gcc-tinyos to include patches through 20111105
	note: (msp430-*) tinyos-tools, binutils, gdb, libc, mcu are repackaged as
	an artifact of the package build process.

	mspdebug revised to version 0.18.

  20111127, cire: new tinyos-tools, uisp-tinyos packages
  20111010, cire: installed as debian-dev