TinyProd TinyOS Development Repository

Last update: 20120815, cire
(Changelog at end)

TinyProd is currently down. Instead you should use the msp430-46 packages from stanford... deb http://tinyos.stanford.edu/tinyos/dists/ubuntu natty main

4 repositories are homed here that maybe useful to the TinyOS development community.

Squeeze, the main repository, contains the following packages for i386 and amd64:

† The *-legacy packages contains the old toolchains used by tinyos-2.1.1 (and older).
‡ This is only available for i386 and it is a temporary package based on the binary provided by Code Sourcery.

You may need to remove old *-tinyos packages. To do so, follow this instructions:

  1. Remove previously installed *-tinyos packages:
      $ sudo dpkg -P `dpkg -l nesc '*tinyos*' | grep ^ii | awk '{ print $2 }' | xargs`
      $ sudo apt-get clean
  2. Add the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/tinyprod-debian.list:
      deb http://tinyprod.net/repos/debian squeeze main
      deb http://tinyprod.net/repos/debian msp430-46 main
      $ cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d
      $ sudo echo "deb http://tinyprod.net/repos/debian squeeze main" >> tinyprod-debian.list
      $ sudo echo "deb http://tinyprod.net/repos/debian msp430-46 main" >> tinyprod-debian.list
  3. Install the new packages:
      $ sudo apt-get update
      $ sudo apt-get install nesc tinyos-tools msp430-46 avr-tinyos

If you want to uninstall the packages you can do it like this:

  $ sudo apt-get autoremove --purge nesc tinyos-tools msp430-46 avr-tinyos


This repository is signed with the following key:

  pub   2048R/34EC655A 2011-02-28
        Key fingerprint = 2ADB 95E2 E116 3F0C 0B55  73F0 DB53 87FB 34EC 655A
  uid                  Eric Decker 

To install the key in the local apt keyring you have to do the following:

  $ gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 34EC655A
  $ gpg -a --export 34EC655A | sudo apt-key add -

-- Eric Decker (cire831@gmail.com) (July 20, 2012)


  20120815, cire: update mspdebug to 0.20
  20120720, cire: bring arm-all back in.
  20120717, cire: typos in README.
  20120716, cire: rebuild tinyprod repository, squeeze, msp430-4{5-7}

  20120427, cire: add mspgcc 4.7.0 reference

  20120410, cire: mspdebug 0.19
	add msp430-46, mspgcc 4.6.3 experimental repository.

  20120319, cire: amd64 fixed. new msp430-gcc package that includes SF3500740 and
	SF3420924.  Add ReleaseNotes.txt

  20120305, cire:  resync'd with Razvan's debian repo to make sure AMD64 works
	properly.  It doesn't.   AMD64 is still back rev'd.

  20120107, cire: update msp430-gcc-tinyos to include patches through 20111105
	note: (msp430-*) tinyos-tools, binutils, gdb, libc, mcu are repackaged as
	an artifact of the package build process.

	mspdebug revised to version 0.18.

  20111127, cire: new tinyos-tools, uisp-tinyos packages
  20111010, cire: installed as debian-dev